MA CPS Registration Module in NEPOOL GIS

APX, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the new Clean Peak Energy Standard (CPS) Registration module to NEPOOL GIS. The Massachusetts CPS program is designed to provide incentives to clean energy technologies that can supply electricity or reduce demand during seasonal peak demand periods established by DOER. APX has been working with MA DOER and MA CEC to implement the new CPS requirements into NEPOOL GIS. The functionality being released today is only for the registration of CPS resources. Functionality related to issuance, transfer and retirement will be done prior to the beginning of the next Trading Period in October of this year.

Today, August 24, 2020, at 6:00 PM EDT, the APX team will release the new CPS Registration module to NEPOOL GIS.  NEPOOL GIS will experience up to a 2-hour outage while we release the new feature to NEPOOL GIS.

Please refer to one of the CPS Resource Registration User Guides below or go to the GIS Help Center  for further assistance:

Please reach out to a GIS Administrator at or 408-899-3343 if you have any questions.