To Register a new NEPOOL Member GIS account, User takes the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the Registry Login box, click the ‘Register’ button as shown below:

  4. In the New Account Application page, enter data into all fields denoated with an asterisk.
    1. Account Type: Select the account type checkbox(es) (See Section B for more information)
    2. NEPOOL Member: Select checkbox.
    3. DUNS Number: Enter DUNS number (9-13 alphanumeric).
    4. NEPOOL ID: nter NEPOOL ID.
    5. Parent Company Name and Company/Account Name: Data entry for these fields are optional for NEPOOL Members.


  1. In the GIS-Specific Contact Info section, enter data into all fields denoted with an asterisk.

  3. Click the ‘Submit for Approval’ to register the new account.

Note: An account activation email will be sent to the email registered under the GIS-Specific Contact Info section to Activate account.Please see the Activate New Account Registration page for instructions on how to activate a new GIS account.

Click on the following hyperlink to download the NEPOOL GIS Account Registration User Guide.