Registering an import contract in the ISO-NE EES

  1. Responsibility of the GIS Importing Account Holder (through a NEPOOL Participant if the GIS Importing Account Holder is a Non-NEPOOL Participant)
    • Create an ISO-NE generator asset ID number for the GIS by utilizing the current asset ID number from the external control area and add a prefix of ’NY’ (New York), ’HQ’ (Hydro Quebec) or ’NB’ (New Brunswick) to the external control area asset ID number (e.g., NY123456).
    • Access the ISO-NE EES system. Please see the following guide for more detailed instructions on how to use the EES system.
    • Identify the import generator in the ISO’s EES system when entering the External Transaction information.
      • Access the “Schedule Options” page in the EES system (see page 25 of the linked User Guide (under the Tasks Section)).
      • Select the box to the left of the “Generation Information System” Special Exception Type.
      • Continue in the “Schedule Options” page in the EES system and enter the ISONE generator asset ID number (as defined in (a) above) in the corresponding “Special Exception Comments” field.

2. Responsibility of ISO-NE

    • ISO-NE’s Settlement Market System will capture the executed External Transaction in the creation of the NEPOOL monthly electronic data file that is sent to APX on a monthly basis to be loaded into the GIS system.

3. Responsibility of APX

    • On a monthly basis APX will receive the Asset I.D. number through the designated NEPOOL monthly electronic data file for each GIS Importing Account Holder and load the data into the Import Module for that GIS participant.

Registering an import unit and claiming a contract in the APX GIS

Please reach out to the GIS Administrator at or call 408-899-3343 for assistance.