Generation data in GIS can either be self-reported or uploaded by an approved Independent Verifier based on RPS state approvals.

For generators that are qualified to self-report generation data in GIS, User takes the following steps:

    1. In the Account Dashboard, locate the Asset Management module.
    1. Under the Asset Management module, click the corresponding hyperlinked month and year under the Modify Generation/Emissions column.
    1. Select the appropriate year and month drop downs.


    1. Enter the monthly generation under the Generation (MWh) column and emissions (if applicable) under each corresponding emission columns.

    Note: Generators located in New England will report gross monthly emissions output and Import generators will report emissions in lbs/MWh


    1. Click the ‘Save’ button to report monthly generation data.


    Click on the following hyperlink to download the NEPOOL GIS Generation Data Upload User Guide.