Massachusetts Announces RPS and APS ACP Rates for 2013

ACP Rates for the 2013 Compliance Year

As required by regulation[1], DOER announced on January 31, 2013, the 2013 Alternative Compliance Payment (ACP) Rates for the Renewable & Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS & APS), as well as the Forward Schedule of ACP Rates for the Solar Carve-Out Program, now updated to 2023.

  • RPS Class I = $65.27 per MWh
  • RPS Class I Solar Carve-Out = $550.00 per MWh
  • RPS Class II Renewables = $26.79 per MWh
  • RPS Class II Waste Energy = $10.72 per MWh
  • APS = $21.43 per MWh

For more information on the ACP Rates, including rates dating back to 2003 and the method by which the Rates are determined, please visit the Alternative Compliance Payment Rates webpage


For additional information, including the regularly-updated lists of Qualified Units, please visit DOER’s RPS & APS homepage.

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[1] 225 CMR 14.08(3)(a)2., 225 CMR 15.08(3)(a)2., and 225 CMR 16.08(3)(a)2.