Update to MA SREC II Fractional Carry Over Logic

NEPOOL GIS SREC II Account Holders, Effective the January 2017 vintage and forward, the NEPOOL GIS has revised our implementation of how the GIS carries over fractional eligible MA SREC II data from being aggregated and carried over quarter to … Continued

Massachusetts SMART Program Regulation Filed on June 5, 2017

The SMART program, for which the 6/5/17-emailed rulemaking announcement is provided below, will provide solar PV incentives to follow the Solar Carve-Out & Solar Carve-Out II (SREC & SREC II) programs.  When DOER completes its rulemaking this summer, the electric … Continued

NEPOOL GIS Vermont RES and Public Report Updates

The NEPOOL GIS was recently updated to accommodate the Vermont RES program that went in to effect January 2017. These updates include additions to the generator registration form to allow for tracking of Vermont Tier I and II attributes, as … Continued

2017 ACP Rates for Massachusetts RPS and APS

ACP Rates for the 2017 Compliance Year As required by regulation[1], the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) announced on January 31, 2017, the 2017 Alternative Compliance Payment (ACP) Rates for the six Renewable & Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS … Continued

2014 RPS & APS Annual Compliance Report Available

DOER is pleased to issue the RPS & APS Annual Compliance Report for 2014, which is now available at our Annual Compliance Reports web page.  The Report describes how the 56 retail electricity suppliers (four utilities and 52 competitive suppliers) … Continued