MA DOER Announces Promulgation of Revised RPS Class II Regulation

The revised Regulation for Massachusetts RPS Class II, 225 CMR 15.00, became official on June 20, 2014, when it was published in the Massachusetts Register.  Certain provisions of the Regulation affecting the 2013 Class II Renewable Generation Minimum Standard and Class II REC Banking were already incorporated into the Instructions and Compliance Workbook for 2013, with the expectation of this occurrence.

Other major revisions affect the following:

  • the capacity limit for Hydroelectic Generation Units (raised to 7.5 MW as of November 1, 2012);
  • the banking of excess Waste Energy Attributes (WECs), beginning with CY 2014 (suspended for 2014 and 2015, limited to 5% thereafter); and
  • the eligibility criteria for woody biomass (now consistent with the criteria in Class I).  This ends the moratorium on acceptance and review of SQAs for woody biomass Generation Units.

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